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Starter Relay - Starter Solenoid, Fuse Based with 2 Fuses, CF Moto, Chironex, Xinyang

  • $50.00

This Starter Relay / Starter Solenoid (previous part number 10A2505) applies to (and is not limited to) 300cc to 600cc electric start engines. This relay operates in the same way as other non-fuse based relays and using a 20A in-line fuse is one of the best ways to provide additional circuit protection. Bolt studs are 2cm apart center to center. This Starter Relay is most commonly used for Chironex Spartan 500cc and Chironex Spartan 600cc UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations), Xinyang 500cc - 600cc ATVs and UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations) as well as a range of CF Moto machines such as the CF500 ATV.

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