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Magneto Cylinder - 500cc, 550cc

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Magneto cylinder aka stator housing for 500cc, 550cc EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected) ATVs. Most commonly used for (but not limited to) Chironex Bandito 550cc EFI ATV, GIO Rock Liner 550cc EFI ATV, Buyang 550cc EFI ATV as well as many other clones, rebrands and similar displacement machines. Common Gio (giovanni aka Gio Motors) model name is primarily listed as "Gio 550cc Rock Liner", "Gio 550 Rock Liner EFI ATV" and "Gio 550 EFI 2-up". Common Buyang model name is primarily listed as "Buyang 550cc Bandito", "Buyang 550 EFI ATV", "Buyang N550 EFI ATV", "Buyang 550D" and "Buyang FA-K550 ATV". Common listed Buyang N550 magneto cylinder part number is and is listed as "FLYWHEEL ASSY" in their parts lists. Inner Diameter (ID): 105.5mm Outer Diameter (OD): 119.2mm Overall Height: 46.3mm Center Hole Mount (Tapered): 26.7/20mm Mounting Holes (center - center) (Side by Side): 75mm Mounting Holes (center - center) (Across): 35mm Mounting Holes: 9mm

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