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Charger - 12V, 2A, Alligator Clips, Trickle Charger

  • $45.00

Standard Polarity 12V 2A (2000mA) Class 2 Battery Trickle Charger with alligator clips. These UL certified chargers are ideal for charging conventional powersport batteries such as the GT5L-BS, GT7L-BS, GT9L-BS, GT12L-BS, GT14L-BS, GT20L-BS models as well as many others. They are 12 Volt, 2 Amp capacity which is the optimal charger rating for North American trickle chargers, providing a prime balance between charging speed and potency. Trickle chargers higher than 2 Amp are not recommended for use with the standard battery configuration as the elevated amperage can cause battery attrition over time. Voltage: 12V Amperage: 2A (2000mA) Polarity: Standard Connector: Alligator Application: Trickle Charger

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